Blog Etiquette

Hi. So your visiting my blog for the first time and your not sure what it’s all about. What type of conversations and topics are being discussed. Well, I would say that we are pretty open to all types of discussions, as long as everyone follows a few simple rules.

  1. Language. Please be responsible when it comes to the language that you use. I request that everyone refrain from using “the 7 words you can’t say on TV”. Most of the time these words are used incorrectly and out of context, so before you decide to use any of those words on my blog, think twice and make sure that they are VERY relevant to your comments and MUST be used to convey proper context or you can bet your ass that I will crap (notice I did not say shit) all over you for using offensive language and ask you to leave. Ok!
  2. If you use derogatory words to demean, put down or to generally lay waist to anyone else who is expressing their opinion on this blog, I will blow you up (figuratively)! I do not want people using this blog to bully others. Please take it somewhere else.
  3. Have respect for others. I encourage people to have opinions and ideas related to the topics being discussed on this blog. After all, its kinda what makes a blog worth reading. Use some common sense and have some fun with it.

Well, there you have it. If anyone is unclear and needs more clarification on our “blog etiquette”, go to H*** cause if you don’t get, then you don’t get it and we don’t want you here.

Thank You